I currently facilitate three different music circles each month, some of which are open to the public. Stop by and introduce yourself!  We're all beginners, but all you need is a beginner's frame of mind--you'll be feeling both skillful and supported almost immediately.!

The first illustration below is from the Canadian Museum of Nature, the second is from Arthur's Clipart collection; the third one is from Mammals' Planet.


Drumming for Spirit--An Always-Beginning Drum Circle.

First Friday of the Month: 7:00 PM.

Starr King Unitarian-Universalist Church, 22577 Bayview, Hayward, CA.

See Hayward-Fremont RhythmiConnections Drum Circle Meetup for details on COVID Zoom format and access.


This is the "home" drum circle of a local UU congregation. It is considered a part of our music ministry, both for ourselves and for our greater community. After honoring and welcoming the spirits present, we introduce ourselves rhythmically, and then drum and play communally. Circle lasts about 2 hours. No experience needed; drums provided (but yours is welcome). Circle is free and open to the community.

Click HERE to go to a page that summarizes the gentle lessons covered so far at this drum circle. But this is "head learning"; we play from our hearts, and each of us begins again when we meet!




Reaching Across (Life Reaching Across to Life) Healing Drum Circle.





Monthly (Usually Third Saturday):  Noon to ~1:30 PM


Held at a private home in Fremont pre-COVID. Now held online, through the Reaching Across organization.

This drum circle is for participants in Reaching Across (people living with mental illness), but others are welcome. We drum spiritually and communally, and occasionally play rhythm games. Drums and other percussion are provided, but yours are certainly welcome. Circle is free, and lasts about 90 minutes. The specific date and Zoom link are set at the beginning of each month. Contact me or Barbara Meyers at Reaching Across (510-745-9500) for additional information.



Monthly (First Friday of the month):  7:00 to 9:00 PM

RhythmiConnections:  Exploring Drumming Together


This circle has been joined with the Starr King Drumming for Spirit rhythmic event described above.


See Hayward-Fremont RhythmiConnections Drum Circle Meetup for details on COVID Zoom format and access.


In this monthly rhythmic event, we explore drums, other percussion instruments, and the breath of life (voices and native flutes) to celebrate the connections among our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves and each other.  Each session starts with a brief explanation of the elementary, universal principles of drumming.  Then we continue to expand our connections to ourselves and each other through rhythmic games and activities, drumming world rhythms together – in unison, in multiple parts, and with other instruments – and creating soundscapes.  Each session closes with an open “drum jam.”

No experience necessary. When we meet in person, some instruments are provided and you are welcome to bring your own..  For online meetings, just bring whatever you have--Found objects are fine!



Sing Along With Ukes and You



Second Friday of the Month of the Month:  3:00 to 5:00 PM.

Before COVID, at the Cancer Support Community (CSC), 3276 McNutt Avenue, Walnut Creek, CA 94597. Now held online. For information about CSC, its programs, and registration, call 925-933-0107.

At this UKULELE Circle, you can learn to play the ukulele, and then sing and play along to your heart's content. We try to keep at least half of the songs each month very simple--2 or 3 chords only--and always include hints about how to simplify your playing, if that's what you need or want.

Once you register, you will be sent a link to our shared Dropbox folder, where you can find information for beginners, reference materials (chord charts, fretboard maps, playing hints), and access to our monthly playlists.