Do not worry (that's a rule!) about rules. These are just guidelines to follow, so you will know what to expect and what is expected of you when you attend a drum circle. I "borrowed" most of this information from materials by Arthur Hull and Christine Stevens.

Do not wear rings or dangling bracelets while playing hand drums; this protects both you and the instruments.

Ask permission before playing someone else’s drum.

Listen as much as you play.

Support the fundamental groove (the underlying "beat" or pulse).

Leave rhythmical space (fill up only part of the available beats--leave some for others).

Play at the volume of the group (you need to hear all the other instruments, as well as be heard by them).

Share the solo space (take your turn, then drop back and support the others).

Relax and have fun! Whenever you start to think you're having trouble, stop, consciously relax, wait for the rhythm to roll your way again, and PLAY again when you're ready.


For Beginning Beginners (Some of us spend a lifetime at this level, where there's no stress and lots of fun)

Enjoy the journey.

Do not worry.

Support the drum community experience--relax and have fun!

Keep it simple.